Volume 15 (2019)
Vol 15, Article 1 (pp 1-55)
Testing $k$-Monotonicity: The Rise and Fall of Boolean Functions
by Clément L. Canonne, Elena Grigorescu, Siyao Guo, Akash Kumar, and Karl Wimmer
Vol 15, Article 2 (pp 1-31)
Time Bounds for Streaming Problems
by Raphaël Clifford, Markus Jalsenius, and Benjamin Sach
Vol 15, Article 3 (pp 1-24)
Explicit Polynomial Sequences with Maximal Spaces of Partial Derivatives and a Question of K. Mulmuley
by Fulvio Gesmundo and Joseph M. Landsberg
Vol 15, Article 4 (pp 1-32) [RESEARCH SURVEY]
Potential-Function Proofs for Gradient Methods
by Nikhil Bansal and Anupam Gupta
Vol 15, Article 5 (pp 1-42)
Classical Verification of Quantum Proofs
by Zhengfeng Ji
Vol 15, Article 6 (pp 1-47) [CCC17 Spec Issue]
Noise Stability is Computable and Approximately Low-Dimensional
by Anindya De, Elchanan Mossel, and Joe Neeman
Vol 15, Article 7 (pp 1-36)
Randomized Polynomial-Time Identity Testing for Noncommutative Circuits
by Vikraman Arvind, Pushkar S. Joglekar, Partha Mukhopadhyay, and S. Raja
Vol 15, Article 8 (pp 1-7) [NOTE]
Matrix Rigidity and the Croot-Lev-Pach Lemma
by Zeev Dvir and Benjamin L. Edelman
Vol 15, Article 9 (pp 1-3) [CCC18 Spec Issue]
Special Issue: CCC 2018: Guest Editor's Foreword
by Srikanth Srinivasan
Vol 15, Article 10 (pp 1-26) [CCC18 Spec Issue]
Pseudorandom Generators from Polarizing Random Walks
by Eshan Chattopadhyay, Pooya Hatami, Kaave Hosseini, and Shachar Lovett
Vol 15, Article 11 (pp 1-13)
Fourier Sparsity and Dimension
by Swagato Sanyal
Vol 15, Article 12 (pp 1-24)
Outlaw Distributions and Locally Decodable Codes
by Jop Briët, Zeev Dvir, and Sivakanth Gopi
Vol 15, Article 13 (pp 1-34)
Closure Results for Polynomial Factorization
by Chi-Ning Chou, Mrinal Kumar, and Noam Solomon
Vol 15, Article 14 (pp 1-3) [APRX-RND16 Spec Issue]
Special Issue: APPROX-RANDOM 2016: Guest Editors' Foreword
by Shiri Chechik and Ronen Shaltiel
Vol 15, Article 15 (pp 1-58) [APRX-RND16 Spec Issue]
Towards a Constructive Version of Banaszczyk's Vector Balancing Theorem
by Daniel Dadush, Shashwat Garg, Shachar Lovett, and Aleksandar Nikolov
Vol 15, Article 16 (pp 1-30) [CCC18 Spec Issue]
Algebraic Dependencies and PSPACE Algorithms in Approximative Complexity over Any Field
by Zeyu Guo, Nitin Saxena, and Amit Sinhababu
Vol 15, Article 17 (pp 1-20)
Separation of AC$^0[\oplus]$ Formulas and Circuits
by Ben Rossman and Srikanth Srinivasan
Vol 15, Article 18 (pp 1-9)
Lower Bounds for Data Structures with Space Close to Maximum Imply Circuit Lower Bounds
by Emanuele Viola
Vol 15, Article 19 (pp 1-25)
The Threshold for Subgroup Profiles to Agree is Logarithmic
by James B. Wilson
Vol 15, Article 20 (pp 1-29)
Subsets of Cayley Graphs that Induce Many Edges
by Timothy Gowers and Oliver Janzer
Vol 15, Article 21 (pp 1-27)
The Gram--Schmidt Walk: A Cure for the Banaszczyk Blues
by Nikhil Bansal, Daniel Dadush, Shashwat Garg, and Shachar Lovett
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