Articles by Shachar Lovett
ToC Library Graduate Surveys 8 (2017) 55 pages
Additive Combinatorics and its Applications in Theoretical Computer Science
by Shachar Lovett
ToC Library Graduate Surveys 6 (2015) 14 pages
An Exposition of Sanders' Quasi-Polynomial Freiman-Ruzsa Theorem
by Shachar Lovett
Vol 18, Article 19 (pp 1-22) [CCC20 Spec Issue]
Sign-Rank vs. Discrepancy
by Kaave Hosseini, Hamed Hatami, and Shachar Lovett
Vol 18, Article 2 (pp 1-18) [RANDOM18 Spec Issue]
Sunflowers and Robust Sunflowers from Randomness Extractors
by Xin Li, Shachar Lovett, and Jiapeng Zhang
Vol 15, Article 21 (pp 1-27)
The Gram--Schmidt Walk: A Cure for the Banaszczyk Blues
by Nikhil Bansal, Daniel Dadush, Shashwat Garg, and Shachar Lovett
Vol 15, Article 15 (pp 1-58) [APRX-RND16 Spec Issue]
Towards a Constructive Version of Banaszczyk's Vector Balancing Theorem
by Daniel Dadush, Shashwat Garg, Shachar Lovett, and Aleksandar Nikolov
Vol 15, Article 10 (pp 1-26) [CCC18 Spec Issue]
Pseudorandom Generators from Polarizing Random Walks
by Eshan Chattopadhyay, Pooya Hatami, Kaave Hosseini, and Shachar Lovett
Vol 14, Article 2 (pp 1-2) [CCC17 Spec Issue]
Special Issue: CCC 2017: Guest Editor's Foreword
by Shachar Lovett and Ryan O'Donnell
Vol 9, Article 15 (pp 559-577) [APRX-RND12 Spec Issue]
Almost $k$-Wise vs. $k$-Wise Independent Permutations, and Uniformity for General Group Actions
by Noga Alon and Shachar Lovett
Vol 7, Article 13 (pp 185-188) [NOTE]
Computing Polynomials with Few Multiplications
by Shachar Lovett
Vol 7, Article 9 (pp 131-145)
Inverse Conjecture for the Gowers Norm is False
by Shachar Lovett, Roy Meshulam, and Alex Samorodnitsky
Vol 5, Article 3 (pp 69-82)
Unconditional Pseudorandom Generators for Low-Degree Polynomials
by Shachar Lovett