Volume 8 Editors


Associate Editors-in-Chief:

Managing Editors:

Advisory Editor

Board of Editors:

Guest Editors for the Motwani Special Issue:

Technical Team:

  • Webmaster, system designer:
    Oded Regev, Courant Institute, NYU
  • Past webmaster, original system designer (2004-07):
    Murali K. Ganapathy, Google, Inc.
  • TeXmaster: Alexander Russell,
    University of Connecticut
  • Guardian of style:
    John Watrous, Waterloo
  • Quality control assistant:
    Ishay Haviv, The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo
  • Former eprint editor (2005-10): David Bunde, Knox College
  • Eprint assistant: David G. Ramsey, U. Chicago
  • Typesetting Assistant: Yanina Zholudz, University of Calgary
  • Email: Email