About the Authors
Sanjeev Arora
Sanjeev Arora
Princeton University, NJ
Sanjeev Arora is Charles C. Fitzmorris Professor of computer science at Princeton University. He was the founding director and lead PI of the Center for Computational Intractability. He has received the Goedel prize twice (as cowinner), for his works on Probabilistically Checkable Proofs (PCP Theorem) and Approximation Schemes for Geometric problems such as Euclidean TSP.
Elad Hazan
Elad Hazan
Assistant Professor
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Elad Hazan completed undergraduate studies in Tel Aviv University and received a Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2006, under the supervision of Sanjeev Arora. From 2006 to 2010 he was a research staff member of the Theory Group at the IBM Almaden Research Center. Since 2010, he has been on the faculty at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. His research interests focus on machine learning and convex optimization.
Satyen Kale
Satyen Kale
Research Staff Member
IBM Watson Research Center, NY
Satyen Kale received a B.Tech. degree from IIT Bombay and a Ph.D. degree from Princeton University in 2007. His Ph.D. advisor was Sanjeev Arora. His thesis focused on the topic of this paper: the Multiplicative Weights Update algorithm and its applications. After postdocs at Microsoft Research and Yahoo! Research, he continued his conquest of industrial research labs joining IBM Research in 2011. His current research is the design of efficient and practical algorithms for fundamental problems in Machine Learning and Optimization.